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Squirt grandinės tepalas

Description Squirtlube is a groundbreaking emulsion containing four types of wax and water. No solvents! After application, the wax-water emulsion penetrates deep into the spaces between the chain links. The water evaporates slowly and leaves a protective wax film which is water, sand and dirt repellent. Features - SQUIRT Lube For wet and dry conditions Smooth, efficient shifting Low wear...

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CatEye Quick CC-RS100W

Wireless, weather-proof and easy to read, the sleekly designed Quick cyclocomputer with integrated out-front bracket measures your speed and distance giving you the edge on your daily commute and beyond.Good Design Award 2018 and iF Design Award 2019 winner. Functions Current / average / maximum speed Trip distance Total distance Moving time Clock Features Analog wireless Easy to read...

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