WTP Activate 20x2.4 BMX padanga
  • WTP Activate 20x2.4 BMX padanga

WTP Activate 20x2.4 BMX padanga

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Designed with Jordan Godwin and Dan Kruk, the Activate Tire is designed to meet the needs of the modern-day rider. With a fast-rolling but super grippy tread, the Activate has a specially designed sidewall that prevents it from catching or snagging on grinds. Paired up with a high-spec rubber compound for superior grip and increased tire life, the Activate Tire is one of the most tech tires we’ve ever created. The 100psi version offers a higher-pressure casing which allows us to reduce the weight of the tire whilst also increasing the core strength. The CobWeb technology creates a puncture-proof layer which helps greatly with the overall toughness and durability of the tire.

• Cobweb technology for increased durability and puncture protection • all-terrain tire with unique grind-friendly sidewall • designed with the WTP team • fast centre line with knurled aggressive tread • durable sticky compound • wire bead, high quality 120tpi casing • nylon reinforced sidewall

20" x 2.4": 610g (21.5oz)

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