Mankind Epoch Axle Pegs

Mankind Epoch Axle Pegs

  • Gamintojas: Mankind
  • Prekės kodas: epoch
  • Būsena: Teiraukitės: +370 615 31453
Raktažodžiai: bmx, peg, mankind, epoch, axle, black

The Mankind Epoch Axle Pegs are made out of strong and light Heat Treated Chromoly, come in pairs and last long. Included are Anti Rotation Pins and 14mm to 3/8” reduction spacers.

Material            Heat Treated Chromoly

Quantity           1 Pair

Length              102mm

Diameter          34mm

Axle Hole         14mm

Including           Anti rotation Pins (2x), 14mm to 3/8” reduction spacers (2x)

Weight             137 Grams (4.83oz) per axle peg

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